How do I register at the HSMAI member rate (25% off the published prices)?

Members were sent an email with a promo code for 25% off the published prices on October 1. If you can't find the email, Mandie Hart can help you!

What are the HSMAI member prices?

With the promo code, the prices for HSMAI members are: $29.25 for a single session | $59.25 for a 2-session pass | $96.75 for a single track | $194.25 for All Access

Where is the receipt for my purchase?

Log in to your Recovery Connections account. Click the three dots (...) at the top right corner. Choose "Purchases" from the dropdown.


Unlike most webinars, Recovery Connections sessions include video-based networking and the opportunity to connect with and learn from other attendees – hospitality professionals like you who are driving the hotel industry's recovery.

The agenda for live sessions is:

2:00 - 2:45 pm ET -- Main Stage Presentation -- Industry thought leaders will sharing their knowledge and experience to help you along the road to recovery. Use the chat to ask your questions at any time.

2:45 - 3:00 pm ET -- Roundtable Discussions -- We'll have specific discussion questions for you to address at your table so that you can connect with and learn from fellow hospitality professionals who are leading the industry's recovery.

Stick around afterwards to continue your conversations and network informally with other attendees!

HELP WITH REMO (the presentation and networking platform)

What operating system and browser will give me the best experience for the live sessions?

We recommend you use a laptop or desktop with camera and microphone enabled. No matter which route you go, make sure you’re using a supported operating system & browser:

• For Windows – Windows 10 | Chrome 77+ or Firefox 76+

• For Mac – iOS 10.13+ | Chrome 77+ Firefox 76+ or Safari 13+

• For iOS Mobile Web (beta) – iOS 12.4.1+ | Safari 12.1+

• For Android Mobile Web (beta) – 7+ | Chrome 77+

Test your system’s compatibility with Remo here (or here for mobile devices). This will allow you to diagnose where the problem is.

If you’re REALLY into the details, here is the full Attendee Event Guide.

How can I get technical support during a live session?

Once a live session has started and you've been placed in the "general session," click the pink help button on the bottom left corner of your screen for help with any technical issues. The Knowledge Base is also full of self-help information.

My camera and/or mic is not working during the networking session. Help!

In the Remo platform, start clicking the three lines (commonly called the "hamburger") on the upper left of your screen and change the camera and microphone settings there. If that doesn't resolve your issues, click the pink help button on the bottom left corner of your screen for help.

I'm having trouble moving to a new table during the networking session. Help!

Refreshing your browser usually resolves this issue quickly. If that doesn't work, click the pink help button on the bottom left corner of your screen for help.

How can I make the speaker's slides bigger?

In the top right corner of any video or slide window, click the arrows to make it full screen.

I'm in the networking space and a video is covering the whole floor. How can I minimize it? 

In the menu bar at the bottom of your screen, click "Back to Floor."